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Tech. Demands from China for the match-making seminar in Oct. 2014


This is a list of available demands from Suzhou and Yancheng cities for this match-making seminar in October 2014 (see the previous news). 

The list will be updated from time to time. Please kindly submit further questions/ requests for clarification to our Help Desk on the event brochure. 

Company business
Co-operation methods

Plastic thin film for renewable products
Moving to high-end products

Communications network power amplifier modules for optimization, applicable in 3G, 4G and Repeaters
Amplifiers with higher efficiency, lower energy consumption, lower cost, higher heat lost rate, higher adaptability

Security monitoring equipments and software (e.g. cameras, artificial intelligence, GPS, PDA)
CMS central control platform and security protection system, which can recognise human faces up to 95% above with automatic analysis

Super thermal conductive, friction, silver materials, silicone catalyst, copper catalyst for computers, cars, photovoltaic industries.
New, nano materials (e.g. for highspeed railway brakes, batteries etc.)

Design, R&D and sales of spectral instruments
Spectral instruments applicable for airplanes, environmental monitoring, electron technology, TDLAS
Co-R&D// purchase

Air purifying machines, motors, filters for electronics, cars, medical equipments, industries etc.
New ion wind or electrostatic precipitator cleaners; High efficiency brushless DC motors with efficiency over 60% (80%); Water purifiers' speed heating and cooling technology; new humidification methods for humidifiers; new sterilization filters for air purification ; super slim air purifiers
Technology purchase or co-operation

High - end flowers and the development, production, sales, product development and design floral application, tourism, ecological park
Candidates to work

Neon lights for ad boards and electronic high-voltage transformers
LED high power driver, Wifi dimming control
Did not specify

Inductors. Coil. Wave Filters. SMD. High & low frequency transformers. New electronic components, etc. for LED industry
High permeability low loss switching power transformers
Did not specify

IPC chassis, the sheet metal chassis
Better technologies
Technology co-operation, e.g. technology transfer, joint venture, joint R&D

Manufacturing of stainless steel products (oven, tools, cabinets), fitness equipment and children's products
E-commerce platform

Connectors for computers, electronics, communication industry, cars
Laser Direct Structure technology
Co-R&D // commissioned R&D // technology consultation

Manufacturing of optical glass screens
Optical Inorganic new material etching method: etched carved SW screens over 90% transmittance rate, glossiness of 80 ~ 90, ability to withstand external shocks by 5kg/0.5m; to be used in aerospace, deep sea submarine, special industrial instrumentation

Underwear manufacturing
Costumed made sophisticated production line (automation)

silk production
Real silk function improvement
Technology co-operation, e.g. technology transfer, joint venture, joint R&D

All kinds of elevators
Control cabinet cooling; enhance the equipments' heat resistance; lower operational and maintenance cost; how to resist earthquakes
Technology consultation

Intelligent environmental kitchen appliances
Oil and smoke separation technology; kitchen wastes categorization for resourcing technology
Technology consultation / technology co-operation (e.g. technology transfer, joint venture, joint R&D )

Pesticides, growth regulators
To produce a bio-organic fertilizer by using fungal fermentation to be widely used in farmlands of dry seeded rice, corns, lawns, and green places, to control weed and fertilise plants. This product should also accelerate straw decomposition after harvest in order not to hinder the rice planting and seeding's growth.
Purchase of existing technology // hiring of talents to join their current research

Produces cable materials e.g. LSZH polyolefin, PVC compound, PE compound copper wires
A high flame-retardant polyolefin material with low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) for small cables.
Co R&D

R&D and manufacturing of various types of cable products for indoor and outdoor use, including special communications cable
Optic or other special lights for cables – should be low cost, patented and ROHS qualified.
Co R&D/ Commissioned R&D/ Technology purchase

Specialized in glass mold designing, their manufacturing and services
R&D on antioxidant heat-resistant cast iron glass molds. Technical specifications are:
- Microstructure: pearlite content in ferrite matrix not exceeding 15%
- Brinell hardness: 160 – 200 HBW
- Oxidation resistance at 750 ℃: 2.2 ~ 4.5g / mm2.h.
- Average frequency use over 800 000 times

Glass mold manufacturing
The formation mechanism and processing technique of multi-level complex nanostructured, strengthening and toughening of cast iron molds for glass. The expected result is to be the pioneer in introducing multi-level complex nanostructures into molds for glass to be better than those made of multi-metal composite. And the cost should be low.
Co R&D

LED lighting products design, manufacturing and marketing. Have exports to overseas
A new LED ceiling light with single firewire and integrated power supply: can utilise automatic infrared sensors to capture the infrared rays released by humans – to be able to automatically control lights and save energy.
Co R&D, technology consultation/ services

The world's leading PV modules, system solutions and services provider
A set of solar modules to be used on car roofs, to charge battery when the car is parking, drive vehicle equipments, and are good looking
Co R&D

Mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing
A continuous gas heat treatment furnace for steel grain refinement process. This product is piloting manufacturing.
Looking for testing base

R&D, design, manufacturing of wet -cleaning equipments
R&D of the first ITO etching machine in generation 4.5 LCD made in China
Technology consultation, also collaborate with Suzhou University

The company
mainly provides low pressure injection molding process for customer solutions and the corresponding equipment, mould, Macromelt material and OEM suppliers.

Looking for improvement of the existing low pressure mold injection technique and equipments
Looking for research institutes for technology services

Main products: high-speed solder strip machines, have several national patents

Co R&D/ technology consultation

Internet of Things technology transfer
Real time data collection of energy consumption from enterprises with online analysis; individual parts of the software have to be upgradable without affecting the rest
Technology purchase

Internet of Things technology transfer
To design a clinical prevention information service platform: an interactive platform where individuals can download, search health recommendation based on self health history
Purchase of company// outsource R&D project

Internet of Things technology transfer
Traffic police information integrated application platform to command and monitor traffics in one centralised place; agricultural information integrated application platform to better suit the needs in practice in agriculture; smart zone integrated platform with more sub-systems to make it more complete
Co-R&D/ Technology purchase

Internet of Things technology transfer
Feasibility study of smart city and regional Internet of Things integrated information habour, which connects police, social insurances, traffic, taxation etc. departments and other public services in one central command easily distributable to different regions
Co-R&D/ other technology cooperation

OLED R&D and manufacturing
R&D and the application of the new AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display to improve its industrial chain
Co-R&D/ other technology cooperation

Textile Dyeing and Finishing Technology
New public service platform for the city, e.g. training, enterprise management; import and export assistance

Biotechnology to cure FS02 adenovirus infected patients (lung cancer medicine)
Technology consultation

Cleaning and finishing of high-end textile fabrics
Technology/ investment cooperation

High pressured MSVC (SPMSVC), SVG (SPSVG-HV), Soft Starter (SPRQD), TSVC (SPTSVC); Low pressured PJKF, SVG (SPSVG-LV), APF (SPAPF), SPLVRT
Flywheel energy storage for railways, R&D on regenerative braking, with configuration program

Dry mortar, specialty mortars, inorganic flame retardant insulation boards
Block Production Line

Bench top power tools,such as bench grinders,tile cutters,wood working machinery etc.
A small cabinet sized machine for woodwork: sawing, planning, milling, drilling, slotting, and among them. Functions shall be easily convertible, able to cut boards of 80mm * 250mm, easy to operate

Heat exchanger manufacturing for cars
New technology to control of oxygen concentration in brazing furnace, to replace the existing costly nitrogen method

High-performing fiber
A new solvent/ technology to improve UHMWPE fiber's performance (to replace the existing usage of white mineral oil)

CNC precision machinery for textile knitting industry
Fully computer controlled seamless knitting machine

Manufacturer in marine engineering
Piling device for deep sea marine engineering, using hydraulic vibratory hammer control technology for higher accuracy, automation, energy transfer; able to be commercialised
Did not specify

Manufacturer of mobile radio communications subsystems and new energy products. E.g. base station antennas, connectors, cable assemblies, arresters, lightning components, new energy etc. RF products
4G TD-LTE 's research and development of base station antenna which is shared, co-located, with independent power transfer. The target product is a smart antenna with independent electrical tilting and shared broadband, meeting different networks' standards and optimization. It's to reduce the duplication of base stations, to realise the co-location and co-site of 3G and 4G antennas – to cater for the large scaled development of 4G by China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom.
Did not specify

Making SEMI-Standard substrate wet process systems with CE mark, associated sub-systems, and related parts
PV inverter for the R&D, production and sales of single, three-grid and off-grid, and micro-inverters, with different application and standards, such as line frequency transformer, high frequency transformer, transformerless single phase middle to small power grid-connected inverters, isolated micro-converter connected grid, transformerless ultra-high and high power three-phase grid-connected inverters, and among them. The result would also be a production line for micro-inverters, two for single-phase inverters, and one for three-phase inverter. Production will be automated, with quality control.

Planning of the best centralised processing of livestock manure and wheat straw for Dafeng city
Did not specify

Research on resourcing enteromorpha to be used in high-end products: 1) to commercialise Porphyra yezoensis in Dafeng city; 2) to develop seaweed polysaccharide anti-fatigue health products
Technology co-operation: e.g. Joint-venture, technology transfer, joint R&D

Biomass packaging
Fiber separation technology, uniformed mixing technology, quality control and testing of biomass feedstock.
Technology co-operation: e.g. Joint-venture, technology transfer, joint R&D

Main products include pesticides, surrogate products against riskiest pesticide: Phenthoate, Dimethoate, Imidacloprid etc; herbicides: glyphosate, acetochlor, butachlor, pretilachlor, Trifluralin, thifensulfuron etc; new bactericide types: KEJUN (patented)
New environmentally friendly pesticide products and technologies: 1) new pesticides: emulsion in water, suspension, water dispersible granule, micro-capsule suspension, seed treatment formulation, with patents and low cost (high profit margin); 2) Upgrade of the existing production technique
Technology co-operation: e.g. Joint-venture, technology transfer, joint R&D

Marine bio-pharmaceutical
Nano drugs recognising cancer lesions by using paclitaxel and chitosan; to copy lung cancer treatment drug – Tarceva.
Technology co-operation: e.g. Joint-venture, technology transfer, joint R&D

PV system integrator
Intelligent power generation systems based on photovaltaic and energy storage: to achieve four-quadrant operation through inverter's PWM circuit – generating power through photovoltaic cells' DC power and energy storage battery in day time, and charge the energy storage battery in night time by taking the advantage of low electricity price, and meanwhile able to achieve reactive power synchronous condenser operation.
Did not specify

LED manufacturing
R&D of LED usage on agriculture for energy saving systems: a new product to replace the existing expensive and inefficient red and blue LED plant grow lights
Co R&D