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A New Service to Help European Companies with the Pitfalls in the Chinese Labor Legislation


Hermia Business Development has launched a new China Employment Service Contract (CESCo) service allowing European companies to minimize their employer risks of the pitfalls in the Chinese labor legislation. It also easily improve the status of their employees. The employees can be either Chinese or European. View our VIDEO here.  

The Chinese labor law and labor legislation and their changes may be very complex for someone unfamiliar with them and also offer a lot of clarifying and follow-up work to do. Hermia Business Development has commercialized together with its Wuxi based subsidiary, WITTC, a new CESCo service. The service aims to solve the problems and needs of companies related to the Chinese labor market risks and employee status. The service offers a great help for all companies without the ability and resources to familiarize themselves with the above mentioned issues. CESCo service can be applied to both long term arrangements and shorter work gigs.

Hermia Business Development Ltd. will sign a service agreement with your company and your employee will sign an employment contract with our subsidiary WITTC. The monthly service fee covers all employer costs and all relevant work related to the employment relationship. The service does not interfere with the content of the job or the guidance of the employee, and all matters related to the work and the employment relationship are confidential.

The CESCo service minimizes companies’ employer risks and risks related to the Chinese labor law and legislations and improve the status of the companies’ employees. In addition to the secured status according to the Chinese labor legislation, your employees will be insured with needed additional insurances e.g. in cases of illness or damage.

The implementation proceeds in three steps. The first step is to identify the customer need, assignment, salary and the payment currency. Next, the CESCo service agreement will be signed and the contract of employment and work permit will be arranged. Third step for the company is to pay the monthly service fee, after which the service will handle the payment of the salary and all salary supplements. The service offers also a 24/7 Helpdesk.

The brochure of the service can be found HERE


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