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A large Chinese company specializing in laser technology launches R&D co-operation in Tampere - visit to Finland also brought a call for tender worth millions for a Tampere-based company. 一家大型专门从事激光技术的中国公司在坦佩雷开展研发合作


A Beijing company, Oriental Sharp Laser Technology Co. Limited (Ruilei), developing and manufacturing lasers, optoelectronics systems and optical instruments, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) of Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and Hermia Business Development Ltd (HBD) to establish research and development co-operation. HBD together with its Chinese subsidiary, brought Ruilei to Finland and took care of practical steps such as signing the MoU, will be coordinating the project and help Ruilei locate in Tampere.

Additional information:

Hermia Business Development Ltd, Director of China Operations, Timo Hahtala

timo.hahtala@hermiayrityskehitys.fi, +358 40 903 0616

This co-operation between Ruilei and ORC aims at setting up joint R&D projects and training programs. It is expected to be fully up and running within the year of 2017. To facilitate the co-operation smoothly, Ruilei plans to establish a new office in the premises of Kampusareena at TUT with the help of HBD. Ruilei will also explore the possibilities to invest in establishing an own company or a spin-off joint venture in Tampere in the future.

This MoU illustrates perfectly Tampre region as the centre of R&D expertise in various fields in the eyes of major international companies. By bringing together the right parties anything is possible,” said Pekka Jussila, CEO of HBD.


The Ruilei visit to Finland also brought a call for tender worth millions for a Tampere-based company

Lead by its company’s Chairman of the Board, Mr. Yingyuan Zhang and General Manager Mr. Weili Wang, this six-person-delegation not only visited ORC, but also three major Finnish companies in the field of laser technology, with the help of HBD. The delegation was very impressed by the level of research and expertise in the field of laser technology and optoelectronics in Finland.

During the visit a call for tender was given to a Finnish company. This has already led to the start of negotiations. If the tender realizes, the offer will be worth millions, if not tens of millions of euros, for the Tampere-based company.

瑞镭与光电子研究中心的合作旨在建立联合研发项目和培训计划,预计将在2017年内实行。为了促进合作顺利,瑞镭计划在赫德米亚公司的帮助下在坦佩雷工业大学的Kampusareena建立一个办公室。 瑞镭还将探索在未来在坦佩雷投资建立自己公司或分拆合资企业的可能性。

“这份合作备忘录充分说明了坦普雷地区作为主要国际公司眼中各个领域的研发领先地位。通过将合适团体对接,任何合作都是有可能的,”赫德米亚的首席执行官Pekka Jussila说。




Picture: Signing of the MoU

Signers from left, first row:
Weili Wang, General Manager of Ruilei
Pekka Savolainen, Director of Optoelectronics Research Centre at TUT
Pekka Jussila, CEO, Hermia Yrityskehitys Oy

Names from left, second row:
Yunfeng Duan, General Manager of R&D Department
Jianyu Zhang, Project Manager
Junwei Chen, Deputy General Manager
Chengwen Shi , Deputy Chief Engineer
Yingyuan Zhang , Chairman of the Board
Dr. Valery Filippov, Senior Research Fellow, expert of fiber lasers and amplifiers
Dr. Maxim Odnoblyudov, Founder and Managing Director of Ampliconyx Oy

Company backgrounds

Beijing Oriental Sharp Laser Technology Co. Limited (Ruilei) is specialized in research, development and manufacturing lasers, optoelectronics systems, optical instruments etc. The company started the research and development and manufacturing of nationally important big electronic information systems, key equipments, software and key componens with more advanced technologies.


Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) is the leading photonics and optoelectronics research centre in Finland. Having played a seminal role in the formation of several high-profile spin-off companies, ORC has close ties with the industry and provides services for business such as processing and characterization of photonic devices and components.


Hermia Business Development Ltd. is a 24-year-old company specialized in developing technology and growth companies. It offers expert services focused on business development, growth funding and international cooperation and technology transfer. The company manages a seed fund Hermia Ventures Oy. Hermia Business Development has a daughter company of 11 experts in China, Wuxi China-Europe International Technology Transfer Center Co., Ltd. Hermia Business Development does close cooperation with the European Business and Incubation Centre Network and Managing Director Pekka Jussila is the Finnish representative in the EBN Board of Directorshttp://hermiayrityskehitys.fi