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Hermia Business Development Ltd expands its operations in China significantly – after expansion, it is the most comprehensive expert network serving Finnish SMEs in China


Finnish companies’ support network to the Chinese market will expand significantly.

Hermia Business Development Ltd’s over 5 years experience-based, business-oriented operating model will expand significantly in China.

During the next spring and the rest of the year it covers 8 major industry and international trade oriented cities with a combined population over 100 million people.

Additional information:
Hermia Business Development Ltd, Director of China Operations, Timo Hahtala
timo.hahtala@hermiayrityskehitys.fi, +358 40 903 0616

Hermia Business Development Ltd has several years prepared expanding its operations to new cities, where new Soft Landing Centers, following company’s own FinnChina8 operating model, will be established now together with local science parks and expert networks.

The primary goal is to serve Finnish SME’s with their China business kick off or expansion. Another priority is to present Finnish know-how and co-operation possibilities with Finnish companies, universities and research institutes, and thereby also contribute Chinese companies placement to Finland.

Hermia Business Development Ltd FinnChina8 Soft Landing Center Network differs from other services offered to Finnish SME’s, because it works through the Chinese business community and networks, as part of Chinese business environment and also in the very close co-operation with the
local authorities and the networks.

Since all operations are always company-oriented and based on customer orders, Hermia Business Development Ltd’s network can support it’s client companies from the start of the operation and continuing throughout the client’s whole Chinese operation period.

Current offices and subsidiaries in China

  • Subsidiary and Soft Landing Center in Wuxi (Jiangsu), population 3,5 M
  • office in Beijing (Beijing), population 19,6 M
  • subsidiary in Nanjing (Jiangsu), population 7,2 M

Soft Landing Centers opening in the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017:

  • 2. Shanghai Pudong (Shanghai), population 23 M
  • Dongguan City (Guangdong), population 8,2 M

Soft Landing Centers opening during the spring 2017:

  • Chengdu (Sichuan), population 7,7 M
  • Wuhan (Hubei), population 9,8 M
  • Suzhou (Jiangsu), population 5,2 M
  • Guangzhou (Guangdong), Tianjin or Chongqing, population 11 M (each)

During the end of the year will be also opened:

  • Shenzen (Guangdong), population 10,4 M

*) Opening order between FinnChina8 Soft Landing Centers can be changed due customer needs

Vietnam will be the next

Hermia Business Development Ltd is currently preparing the launch of similar services in the near future also in Vietnam, where it has been involved in evaluating and developing their national innovation systems.