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Project Assistant sought to support our growing clients needs in China


To support our growing client base in China, we're looking for outstanding candidate(s) to support our clients in China. Hermia Business Development has been in China for years and supported by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, we continue to grow and strengthen our presence in China.  



Be our new representative in China!

Hermia Business Development


PDF: http://www.hermiayrityskehitys.fi/uploads/Recruitment%20notice%20SH.pdf



Want to work in a company without hierarchy? Be in touch with the latest technology from the Europe? Be our contact point with our valuable partners in China?

想在一家没有等级,以团队协作的公司工作吗? 与欧洲的最新技术保持同步? 并成为我们在中国合作伙伴的联络点吗?

If yes, Hermia Business Development is the answer for you!


HBD is celebrating its 26th year of anniversary in Finland this year! It’s a company specialized in developing technology and growth of SMEs. We offer business development, growth funding, international cooperation and technology transfer for our clients from Europe and China.

今年为我公司26周年·。作为一家专门从事中小企业技术和商业发展的公司, 我们为来自欧洲和中国的客户提供业务发展,增长融资,国际合作和技术转让。

We are the Overseas Station of Jiangsu and Guangdong Association for Science and Technology in Finland; we are also an active member of Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) and European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN), with resellers from other countries such as Spain and Germany. We also operate seed fund – Hermia Ventures.

我们是江苏和广东科协的海外芬兰海智基地, 也是欧洲商业与创新中心联盟(BIC)的积极成员,并与西班牙和德国等其他国家有经销商合作伙伴。我们的Hermia Ventures 为企业提供种子基金。





Project Assistant




Shanghai city/ Nanjing China




  • Support projects by high-quality translation, customer engagement, market research and other communications assignments etc.
  • 通过高质量的翻译,为客户传达信息,做市场调查等支持在中国的项目。
  • Contribute actively in internal and client meetings by offering strategic and insightful suggestions
  • 通过提供具有洞察力的建议,积极参与内部和客户会议
  • Support the headquarters from Finland by engaging with local business partners, developing new business by preparing credentials and proposals
  • 通过与本地商业合作伙伴沟通,支持芬兰总部,报告总部最新业务的机会
  • Maintain self-driven passion working as a team member and curiosity to stay abreast of client issues and related industry trends, participate in industry networking events
  • 独立工作,协作团队其它成员,热情,关心客户和合作伙伴,积极参与行业交流活动



  • Bachelor’s degree and above from an accredited college or university preferably in technical field
  • 来自认可的学院或大学的本科以上学历,最好有技术方面的背景


  • Good understanding of technologies from different fields
  • 对不同领域的技术有一定的了解


  • Excellent in both English and Chinese, spoken and written
  • 卓越的中英文口语和书面表达能力


  • Collaborative team player who can also work independently, take initiative and set priorities
  • 能独立工作,有团队精神,主动,与团队设立工作优先次序


  • Honesty
  • 为人正直诚实







We’re looking forward to knowing about you. If you think you are the right person to join our team, please send your cover letter and CV to our Vice President of China Operation, Wendy.

E-mail:  wendy.keski-keturi@hermiayrityskehitys.fi  .

我们期待着了解您。 如果您认为您是加入我们团队的合适人选,请将您的求职信和简历发送到我们中国事务副会长Wendy的邮箱:wendy.keski-keturi@hermiayrityskehitys.fi