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Hermia Business Development develops its China services


HBD has undergone a reform to re-engagement clients. We will increase the number of workers for customer-specific projects. Yet the reform makes our operation more simple and flexible with changes in operation and organisation models.

为了巩固客户与我们的关系, 赫德米亚商业有限公司进行了在中国的结构转变,增加针对客户特定项目的员工数量, 使中国的运营更简单和灵活。

The operation in China will be project-based so that a specialist from an industry will be recruited to work for a specific project according to clients’ growing customized needs of services.  Individuals trained in different fields are attached to customer projects that fit their own strengths. With their knowledge of a specific industry, vocational terms which can be a linguistic challenge are better managed during translation and interpretation. This will make it possible to ensure a better understanding and involvement of our clients’ projects in China, and fulfilling them with even more outstanding service performance.

中国的业务将以项目为基础,根据客户对定制服务日益增长的需求聘请与客户行业有关的项目助手或经理。我们期望客户项目能找到在该技术领域,符合自身实力的技术人员协助或管理项目。 以我们以往的经验, 职业术语和对该技术的了解往往是翻译和解释上的挑战,也直接关系到客户对我们服务的满意度。 我们相信, 这种新结构将能使我们更好地与客户管理在中国的项目,更顺畅地把项目带落地,并以更出色的表现来满足客户的需求。

In addition, this kind of new operational model is the right response to the fast-changing market in modern business culture. This agile approach to our operation in China will allow our headquarters to communicate better with the partners and clients in China, and therefore, making better informed decisions in a faster manner.


HBD’s client base and services for businesses will grow in China in 2018. The goal is that during 2018, SMEs will reach new exports of minimum 50 million € with the help of our services.


We would like to take this chance to thank our strong cooperation partners in China and the practical activities carried out, especially with Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology, several cities in the province, Guangdong and Shanghai Associations for Science and Technology.


To support this new modern operational model, Wendy Keski-Keturi, our partner, will resume her full active role in management returning from maternity leave. She’s appointed as Vice President of HBD’s China operation since 19th of December 2017.

为了支持这新的现代运营模式,我们的股东之一Wendy Keski-Keturi将从她的产假中回来,在管理层担当重要角色。 她自2017年12月19日起被任命为HBD中国业务副总裁。


Additional information:

        Vice President of China Operations, Wendy-Keski Keturi
       +358 44 359 2380
        CEO, Pekka Jussila
       +350 50 60213