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A fruitful 2018

Our 2018 has been full of activities. Check out our latest presentation!

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L4MS project launches its first Open Call with €1.5M equity-free funding for cross-border Application Experiments

L4MS, the pan-European acceleration program for using robots in manufacturing industry, has launched its first open call with a total of €1.5million equity-free funding for mid-caps and SMEs.

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HBD's customer Optofidelity expands in China

HBD's customer Optofidelity has opened a new manufacturing and assembly facility in Shenzen, China.  You can read more about the opening and Optofidelity's recent succes in China from:  https://www.optofidelity.com/optofidelity-opened-manufacturing-facility-shenzhen-china/ . If your company seeks to find new business opportunities in China, contact: Wendy-Keski Keturi,  wendy.keski-keturi@hermiayrityskehitys.fi ,  +358 44 359 2380  

Hermia Business Development develops its China services

HBD has undergone a reform to re-engagement clients. We will increase the number of workers for customer-specific projects. Yet the reform makes our operation more simple and flexible with changes in operation and organisation models. 为了巩固客户与我们的关系, 赫德米亚商业有限公司进行了在中国的结构转变,增加针对客户特定项目的员工数量, 使中国的运营更简单和灵活。

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Project Assistant sought to support our growing clients needs in China

To support our growing client base in China, we're looking for outstanding candidate(s) to support our clients in China. Hermia Business Development has been in China for years and supported by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, we continue to grow and strengthen our presence in China.   为了支持我们在中国不断增长的客户群,我们正在寻找优秀的人才,支持我们在中国发展的客户。赫德米亚商业发展有限公司在中国已多年,在芬兰政府的支持下,我们将继续发展及壮大我们在中国的业务

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Hermia Business Development to participate in "L4MS - Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs" EU-project

Hermia Business Development will be part of a ”L4MS – Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs” EU-project, coordinated by VTT. One aim of the project is to provide a complete digitalization to enable cost effective deployment of exceptionally small and flexible logistics solutions requiring no infrastructure change, no production downtime and no in-house expertise, while making investment in logistics automation extremely attractive for manufacturing SMEs HBD will be working in the project mainly in business development, commercialisation and financing tasks but also in evaluating the commercial potential of pilot experiments carried out in the project. The project kick-off meeting was held in Tampere from 3 rd to 5 th of October. The consortium consists of 21 different organisations from several European countries. The project duration is 3,5 years. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.   More info: Project Manager Petri Purmonen, +358 41 434 7620, petri.purmonen@hermiayrityskehitys.fi

Hermia Business Development Congratulates Optofidelity


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China Believes in Finland’s Technology Expertise / 中国相信芬兰的技术!

Through the joint persistent effort of Hermia Business Development Ltd., City of Tampere and Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea, has resulted in the company development network of Jiangsu province opening its third Overseas Station globally to Tampere, Finland. This cooperation is to significantly increase Finnish SMEs exports to Jiangsu province. This is supported by Chinese goals of buying new innovations, products and technologies to develop their local companies. 通过赫德米亚商业发展有限公司,坦佩雷市政府和坦佩雷地区经济发展局Tredea长期以来的共同努力,江苏科协在芬兰坦佩雷设立了第三个海外工作站。此合作会大幅度增长芬兰中小企业与江苏的贸易和人才合作,与中方的利益吻合,为该地公司在购买新的创新产品和技术搭桥,带来更精准的对接。    

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Hermia Business Development Ltd expands its operations in China significantly – after expansion, it is the most comprehensive expert network serving Finnish SMEs in China

Finnish companies’ support network to the Chinese market will expand significantly. Hermia Business Development Ltd’s over 5 years experience-based, business-oriented operating model will expand significantly in China. During the next spring and the rest of the year it covers 8 major industry and international trade oriented cities with a combined population over 100 million people. Additional information: Hermia Business Development Ltd, Director of China Operations, Timo Hahtala timo.hahtala@hermiayrityskehitys.fi, +358 40 903 0616

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A large Chinese company specializing in laser technology launches R&D co-operation in Tampere - visit to Finland also brought a call for tender worth millions for a Tampere-based company. 一家大型专门从事激光技术的中国公司在坦佩雷开展研发合作

A Beijing company, Oriental Sharp Laser Technology Co. Limited (Ruilei), developing and manufacturing lasers, optoelectronics systems and optical instruments, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) of Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and Hermia Business Development Ltd (HBD) to establish research and development co-operation. HBD together with its Chinese subsidiary, brought Ruilei to Finland and took care of practical steps such as signing the MoU, will be coordinating the project and help Ruilei locate in Tampere. 专门开发和制造激光器的北京东方锐镭公司,与芬兰坦佩雷工业大学的和在赫德米亚商务发展有限公司签署了合作备忘录,建立研发合作。赫德米亚与其中国子公司一起将瑞镭带到芬兰,采取实际行动,签署合作备忘录,协调项目和帮助瑞镭在坦佩雷设立公司。 Additional information: Hermia Business Development Ltd, Director of China Operations, Timo Hahtala timo.hahtala@hermiayrityskehitys.fi , +358 40 903 0616

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Talent & Company Matchmaking meeting

Are you interested in new career opportunities abroad or co-operation with top companies from Czech Republic? You have now a possibility to meet with companies from Brno focused in IT, imaging and digital solution services. Registrations to:  pekka.jussila@hermiayrityskehitys.fi

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Hermia Business Development is celebrating their 24th birthday today!

Today Hermia Business Development has been helping companies to start and grow their businesses for 24 years!

Europe China Business Forum 2015

Hermia Business Development is organising a match-making trip to Europe China Business Forum held at Jiangsu province, China in 29.11.-5.12.2015.

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A New Service to Help European Companies with the Pitfalls in the Chinese Labor Legislation

Hermia Business Development has launched a new China Employment Service Contract (CESCo) service allowing European companies to minimize their employer risks of the pitfalls in the Chinese labor legislation. It also easily improve the status of their employees. The employees can be either Chinese or European. View our VIDEO here.  

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Hermia Business Development’s International Services Growing

Business Sprint 2014 seminar trip to China 27.10.-2.11.2014

Hermia Business Development and its subsidiary WITTC (Wuxi China Europe International Technology Transfer Center Ltd) arranged a Business Sprint 2014 match-making seminar trip for a European business delegation to three cities in China between 27.10. and 2.11.2014.  

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Business Sprint match-making seminar trip to China is full

Match-making seminar trip to Jiangsu province has been unfortunately booked full.

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Tech. Demands from China for the match-making seminar in Oct. 2014

This is a list of available demands from Suzhou and Yancheng cities for this match-making seminar in October 2014 (see the previous news).  The list will be updated from time to time. Please kindly submit further questions/ requests for clarification to our Help Desk on the event brochure. 

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Business Sprint match-making Seminar in Jiangsu province, China

Hermia Business Development is organising a match-making seminar trip to Jiangsu province in 26.10.-1.11.2014 with its daughter company WiTTC

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Skinest Finland Oy signs a significant cooperation agreement with Chinese TYHI

Skinest Finland Oy has signed a significant cooperation agreement with a Chinese company Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. (TYHI) with the help from Hermia Business Development’s daughter company Wuxi China International Technology Transfer Center  Co. Ltd. (WITTC). This marks the first time that high-quality railway products are entering the European market from China. The agreement is worth several million euros.

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Hermia Business Development into cooperation with Guangdong Association for Science and Technology

A Chinese delegation from the Guangdong Provincial Association for Science and Technology visited Finland

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A fruitful trip to Wuxi for our clients

HBD arranged a trip for its clients to meet potential Chinese partners in The Third China (Wuxi) Overseas High-tech Talents & Projects Promotion Fair.

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Hermia Business Development Ltd is officially commissioned by JAST to build technology transfer platform between Jiangsu and Europe

Hermia Business Development Ltd (HBD) has secured a contract with Jiangsu Association of Science and Technology (JAST) to build an international web platform for highly efficient and timely match-making between Jiangsu and European Technology companies.

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Consolidated cooperation with Nanjing Goverment

Nanjing government visited Hermia Business Development for closer cooperation in renewable energy and environment technologies

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Business Analysis Consultation Promotion Time Is Ending Soon

We work as your impartial consultant addressing the most critical issues in your business.

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