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Business development

Development plans and funding applications

Companys' development such as product development or organisational development are often project based. Companies have their own resources to execute the tasks of the development project, but quite often, defining the project and creating a clear project plan are a challenge for gaining support funding. HBD helps you to define your development project and to gain support funding from public sources such as Tekes, ELY-Centre, Finnvera, EU funding and also from private sources to gather the required self-financing. HBD has exceptionally good rates in successful applications.

Product search

Product search – a service for subcontracting engineering workshops. It aims at finding products for the companies to manufacture. Commercially available products, product ideas and technologies are searched from various sources based on the criteria set by the company. The service takes company’s specific expertise and strengths into account. Product search helps companies to boost, balance and re-arrange their business.

Product Development Clinic

Product development clinic aimed at solving problems related to the development of a specific product. By utilising rich networks and models, knowhow can be allocated specifically to solve the problems of the specific product. Our strong and comprehensive networks of business and research offer expert resources even in nitch fields. In addition, knowhow of the students in a specific field can also be utilised in a living lab-concept.

Strategies and business planning

A company’s productive activities and development depends on a well planned business strategy. We clarify existing business operations and respond to the challenges of the changing business environment. Our business strategy include: Product/service, competitive advantages, market potential, model of earnings, team and resources, financial calculations and risk assessment. Key factors of your business will also be recognised, and so strategic choices can be made to secure a company's success in the future. 

Campus cooperation

We have extensive experience in supporting university-industry cooperation in various ways. HBD is originally established to commercialise research innovation from Tampere University of Technology. We have been providing services to commercialise the research results of researchers and students, and find cooperation partners internationally.

Growth and development funding

Financing plans

We help your company by identifying the financing needs through calculation; we plan together with you a financing strategy that supports your goals (implementation and exits). Finance planning can be focused on e.g. establishing a new company or launching a new business.

Development funding

There are different types of public funding available for product and business development. The main public operators are Tekes, ELY-Centres, Keksintösäätiö and Finnvera, along with EU granted funding elements. We help you focus the financing needs of the party concerned, concretise your development project into a project plan, and help prepare necessary material to apply funding.

Funding packages

Company’s growth typically based on combining entrepreneurs' own funding or external funding with public funding sources. We are expert in public financing and support elements, along wtih our strong networks for channeling private capital. Together we can plan a funding package that would suit your needs and prepare the related documentation for the financiers.

Hermia Ventures

Hermia Ventures is a seed fund for startups and growth technology companies. Hermia Ventures does investments to promising companies without any limitations regarding the field of business. The fund supports companies with small investments and loans that are typically part of a larger funding package. The investors behind the fund include private persons as well as private and public organisations. More information about Hermia Ventures and its portfolio can be found from: www.hermiaventures.fi

International cooperation and technology transfer

More and more companies operate internationally. It's important to find the right partner and network In order utilise the international market for your best interest. HBD operates in many national and international projects, and networks that support the development of international activities.


Enterprise Europe Network is the largest European technology transfer network through which you can search for technology and business partnerships, get support for creating the partnerships and also check some on-going partner searches. EEN services are free of charge. EEN is supported by European Commission and Tekes. For more, see below:

China Cooperation

HBD has been active in escorting our clinet companies to enter the China market and providng services for their cooperation with the Chinese partnering companies. Our strengths are our strong established network in the province of Jiangsu and our ability to operate in Finnish, English and Chinese. Our services cover: partner search, meeting arrangement, partner analysis, quality inspector, personnel hiring and even ad-hoc problem solving. For more, see below:

Below are more information about our international cooperation and technology transfer services:

Hermia Business Development is an EEN contact point. EEN is an international network providing partnering and technology transfer services for SMEs across Europe.

When you expand your business to another country, you need competent and trustworthy partners. The Enterprise Europe Network helps you find them. Our business database contains thousands of company profiles and you can meet potential business partners in person at our matchmaking events.

With hundreds of new company profiles added every week, our business cooperation database is one of the world's largest. When you get in touch with the Network, we enter your cooperation offer or request into the database. You will then receive updates on companies interested in the same kind of cross-border business as you.

EEN brings together close to 600 business support organisations from more than 50 countries. Member organisations include chambers of commerce and industry, technology centres, research institutes and development agencies. Most of them have been supporting local businesses for a long time. They know their clients' strengths and needs - and they know Europe. The members of the Enterprise Europe Network linked up through powerful databases, sharing their knowledge and sourcing technologies and business partners across all network countries. All EEN service are free-of-charge as the project is supported by European commission and Tekes.

Hermia Business Development provides soft-landing services in cooperation with its joint ventures - Nanjing-Hermia Science and Technology and Wuxi China Europe International Technology Transfer Centre. HBD has formed a strong alliance with Jiangsu Association For Science and Technology (JAST) on international technology transfer. JAST employs over 600 technology-oriented people in all cities of Jiangsu to help companies purchase the right technology from overseas. By utilising this network, HBD can help European companies build partnerships and commercial platforms, make deals and scale up their businesses in China from Europe.

Our business is driven by Chinese market needs. Over the past few years of efforts from our experts, we've built a systematic process, wide and deep networks to provide one-stop soft-landing services for both of our Chinese and European clients. 

Jiangsu facts: There are over 30 cities in Jiangsu province, including Suzhou (leading city of nano-technology), Nanjing (leading city of chemical), Wuxi (leading city of ICT) and among them. Driven by technology companies, its GDP was about USD 600bn in 2012 - highest GDP per capita in China.

Please check out our services:


  • Industry dynamics
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market needs and possibilities
  • Future trends
  • Market-entry strategy consulting


  • Defining partner profile
  • Analyse the genuine interest of the potential partners
  • Partner / customer / investor match-making
  • Factory visits and face-to-face meetings
  • Translations and interpretations from a local Chinese expert
  • Advice in agreement making
  • Problem solving


  • Chinese Governments Grant Applications
  • Wuxi 530 Scheme


  • Full-time / part-time or on order
  • Quick response
  • Qualified Chinese engineers
  • Clear instructions for the quality inspector
  • Clear reporting from the quality inspector
  • Clear package, price includes all expenses


  • All administrative tasks
  • Ownership structure
  • Incubation services
  • Legal advice
  • Strategy advice


  • Establishing sales office / representative office
  • Hiring sales manager and to manage sales channels and direct sales
  • Call centre
  • Online shop with social media marketing strategy
  • Quick response to ad-hoc problems in China


  • Communication and documentation
  • Problem solving
  • Legal help from lawyer in agreements
  • Customs regulations, other regulations
  • Legal services related to business
  • Manager training
  • Patent applications
  • Trademark registration


  • Establishment of a factory
  • Financial calculations
  • Strategy advice
  • Quality inspection
  • Personnel recruitment and management
  • Executing planned objectives