Strategy and business planning

Strategiatyö ja liiketoiminta-

ln strategy work it is essential to reach a logical outcome through a effective and systematic process that leads to strategic development projects, indicators and implementation schedules. Our strength is in guiding of the strategic work and process into the right direction. Our external vision helps the company to crystallize their strategy in an easily understandable form.

Regarding the contents and calculations of business plans, we make sure that that the writing process is built on a realistic base with a clear red thread built into the plan.

Project management services

In the project management service, an expert will be appointed to customer’s project. The tasks of the expert will be customized according to the needs of the customer and the project. Often our expert will be part of the project steering group and will help with steering the project, implementation actions, project meetings, documentation as well as interim and final reports e.g., to the financier.

Development projects and project planning

We serve our customers in defining and describing their development ideas into concrete tasks and work packages that describe the responsibilities, schedules and resources of the project. Through repetitions, our strength has become the perception and construction of project plans that are in accordance with the customer’s needs and strategy, and are easily understandable to partners, and suitable to the chosen financing sources.

Product search

The product search process aims to find a new own product for a company. The search criteria will first be established together with the customer. Then, a direct search is done to search various sources for a product, product idea or technology that meets the set criteria, and from which it is possible to build new own business.