We implement company-specific projects to promote exports and to conquer new markets for our customers. In addition to the EU area, we have the most experience and capabilities to serve our customers in China (Jiangsu, Quangdong, Shanghai and HongKong), Egypt and Vietnam.

We can combine a tailor-made package for our customers for example from the following service products.

Market analysis and data acquisition

If the target market is new, or updated information is needed from a rapidly evolving market, we will effectively conduct market surveys, data acquisition and background checks. We use up-to-date information to assess whether the market is worth trying and what the opportunities and risks might be. The result can be a decision to enter, not to enter, or at least to try to enter a new market.

HR and payroll service

Especially in the emerging markets, payroll has special local characteristics. In China, several foreign companies have faced realized risks because they have not been familiar with local labor laws but have paid salaries based on their own experience. These risks can be avoided by utilizing the payroll services of Hermia Shanghai Human Resources Ltd Co. in China. The company takes care of HR services, employee search and all other matters related to the employment relationship professionally.          

Plans, tasks, calculations and resources to enter a new market

Through our experience, we bring our own assessment to customers’ plans of what is the minimum requirement to succeed. How much time, money and resources are needed, what are the best options to proceed and what is the chosen implementation plan.

Search for an agent, reseller, customer, product or a pilot project

When the goal is clear, we search for the different alternatives. From these, the customer can choose the most suitable option. Often the selections are made after meeting the possible cooperation parties.

Establishing your own company, a co-financing project or a joint venture

Once partners have been found or you want to directly establish your own company in a new market, we can help take care of the establishment and registration process. There have also been separate co-financing projects especially in China, where we have searched for a partner company and built a joint project.

Salesperson service

Sometimes your new product gets less attention from an agent or a retailer than you are hoping, as the salesmen concentrate on the easiest products to sell with the best margins. In this case, an own salesman is the best solution. In most emerging markets, with a reasonable expense a skilled salesperson can be recruited.

International accelerator programs

We offer ourselves and mediate international accelerator projects as one way to gain knowledge, experience and know-how in the local target market. The international accelerator includes training for entrepreneurs in the target market country and is one channel for new markets.

Other business support services

We provide quality control services, controllers, accounting services, legal services and patent attorney services.