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A fruitful trip to Wuxi for our clients


HBD arranged a trip for its clients to meet potential Chinese partners in The Third China (Wuxi) Overseas High-tech Talents & Projects Promotion Fair.

Ribbon cutting and signing ceremony of WiTTC

On 13th till 20th Nov. 2013, HBD has led a group of clients to meet potential Chinese partners in The Third China (Wuxi) Overseas High-tech Talents & Projects Promotion Fair. There were about 20 participants, including Finnish Parliament member - Mika Niikko, representatives from European BIC Network and scientists from Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences. 

The greetings brought by Niikko and the partnership between EBN and JAST (Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology), based in WiTTC (our joint venture in Wuxi), come at a good time when the Chinese government plans to carry out a daring reform for better market-driven enterprises. Huijuan Chen, JAST Secretary of the Leading Party Member's Group and VP, visited and complemented the partnership. 

‘I hope starting from Wuxi, this will be an unprecedented example of commercial platform for both incubators and enterprises for the entire Jiangsu province’, said her, ‘Many of our good companies will be opened for you’. 

Niikko also explained to the Chinese press how the Finnish innovation comes from. He highlighted examples Neste’s bio-based fuels, Angry Bird’s innovation and growth. Press include People’s Daily Online, Xinhua Daily Group, Xiandai Kuaibao etc.

Participating companies also had good results. Apart from their refreshing experience of how the Chinese work, all of them met their pre-arranged Chinese partners/ customers; some even made an offer and agreement. 

Two highlighted cases - Millidyne Oy's partnership with Little Swan from Media Group to conduct a joint R&D project on a new coating in washing machines, and Biolan Oy's partnership with Jiangnan Univerisity and Haixi Anti-corrosion Factory Ltd. to develop a new type of composter for China, have gained much publicity in China. 

CEO of the Midea Group, Ziqiang Hu, together with many other governmental organisations, such as Wuxi Economic & Informatization, WiTTC’s partners - Huaxia Bank, Shuangliang Group, Peking University and many others, have come and congratulated WiTTC’s opening at its ceremony and networking dinner. 

Ziqiang Hu expressed special thanks for the international technology transfer platform which WiTTC and HBD have been building. ‘It’s also not easy for a big company like us to find such niche technical match from the entire Europe’. 

There were also foreign entrepreneur sharing their experience of developing their design business in China, Board of Director from Shuangliang Group introducing their innovation, and many other Chinese companies expressing their interests in expanding their business in Europe.

A larger report, titled “Ideoita isolla rahalla”, by Sami Suojanen from China can be read from the 5th of January Sunday attachment of Aamulehti as well as Ilkka, Satakunnan Kansa and Hämeen Sanomat.