How it all started

HBD was established in 1992 to enhance the development of startups and to commercialize research results from Tampere University of Technology.

Since then, we have evaluated thousands of business cases, helped hundreds of companies in different parts of their journey, been involved in hundreds of international projects and tens of EU funded projects, and created partnerships all around the world.

Today we utilize all this experience to help our customers from different industries.

What we do

We help our customers to find new markets, customers and products as well as help them access suitable funding. We offer services in business development, growth and development funding and international operations.

Why us

Our expertise is based on our long experience operating in several different fields of industry and working with demanding professional customers. We are experts in connecting companies, technologies, people, and know-how from different industries and different markets.

We treat company-specific information and trade secrets confidentially and responsibly, but also very accurate ones, such as those open to sharing things.

We are a flexible and reliable partner in the eyes of our customers